Original Self

Joy Scented Candle


Set the mood with a light zingy combination of citrus and sweet neroli. Accompanied with a bite of peppery basil. Simple yet sophisticated.

Original Self candles are hand poured in small batches at our South East London studio using our own formulated blend of coconut, rapeseed and organic beeswax for optimal performance.

Pure cotton wick and high quality blend of natural essential oils and toxin free fragrance oils.

Burn time: Approx. 40 hours
Weight: 220g

Top: Grapefruit, Lemon, Basil & Violet leaf
Heart: Foliage, Neroli & Galbanum
Base: Geranium & Cedar

Floral | Herbaceous | Sweet

The Fragrance

The invigorating top notes of Grapefruit, Lemon, Basil, and Violet leaf infuse the air with a sense of cleanliness and energy, while the heart notes of Foliage, Neroli, and Galbanum bring a touch of greenness and earthiness, reminiscent of a flourishing kitchen garden. With a grounding base of Geranium and Cedar.


The Room

Elevate your kitchen experience and let the captivating aromas of our candle inspire culinary adventures, lively conversations, and moments of pure joy.

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